Design Crush - Ikat Fabrics

I'm going through an Ikat period. Ask anyone who's seen me lately, and they'll tell you I keep trying to mix Ikat patterns in to every project. I like the real, antique ones (who doesn't?), the reproductions, cheap enough to use with abandon, and especially the newest fabrics that take a bit of the Ikat graphic punch, clean it up, and use it in a fresh, new way. Since the textiles are so ancient, there are Ikat-weave fabrics in many cultures around the world, so there must be an Ikat for every occasion. This obsession has been with me for a very, very long time, but in recent years I'm finding the bright modern Ikats on the market today just perfect for my work at the beach. Plus, they are becoming more popular, so each market there seem to be more and more to choose from. With unique and colorful versions from Madeleine Weinrib, Brunschwig & Fils, China Seas, and even some we offer at Posh Living, we may have more Ikats in design than we can handle in the immediate future. I hope this doesn't create a "trend" that will one day be "over"; I hate when that happens to something I really love. So enjoy them, but a word of caution to clothing manufacturers and big chain stores - please give us Ikat-lovers a break, and don't overdo it!

Photo at top, Madeleine Weinrib fabrics; Domino Magazine

To read more about the history of Ikats, and see some great photos, see my article on our Posh Living website by clicking here: Ikat Fabrics, Ancient and Modern

And here's some more Ikat eye-candy:

A fabulous scarf...

China Seas Ikat on sofa from Domino Magazine....

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