Design Crush - Fabrics by Mally Skok

Here's my latest design find ( and it's a full-fledged crush ):
Patti's beroom - more Mally Skok fabrics in action. She loves... on Twitpic
Gorgeous fabrics by designer Mally Skok. I have just about flipped over the crisp, clean patterns and clear colors, and they have a bit of India/Uzkbeki flair that I adore. They seem so completely timeless. Just look:
Still on my rounds to clients houses today - an old Victorian... on Twitpic
And don't miss this one:
Just dropped in on a client in Cape Cod to see her chairs new... on Twitpic
I have learned from her Tweets that she seems to be a traveler and gardener; the type of person I might really like if we met. I'm going to put her on my list of people I'd like to have lunch with some day, right beside Peter Dunham, Diana Krall and the Keno brothers.
And if you're still not convinced, I leave you with this -
Took the strike-off of my new Ikat linen into the garden to p... on Twitpic

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