The Basket

This little basket came into my life recently when I was passing through the clearance aisle of a big-box store, and it was sitting there all alone. It was looking cheerful and was also 75% off. Well, I thought to myself, that would be a happy little treat. I envisioned carrying things to the beach, or toting flatware and dishes outside for supper. Never did I think the Basket would become the new "it" bag! It happened rather unexpectedly. I brought it home and sat it on the dining room sideboard, where it mocked me for a week for not having the time to load it with cold drinks and magazines and head for the beach. I was wishing it had straps for the bike handlebars, like those old 1970's baskets with the plastic daisies. Then one morning I was heading out the door with the usual assortment of odd-shaped, bulky and heavy items (think latte', camera, catalogs, snacks for the office, can of coffee) and there it was. It was ridiculously easy to toss everything in; even my summer purse and cardigan went in, and suddenly I was happily carrying one thing instead of ten. So superior to a tote bag, the Basket holds its shape firmly and the top is always open, so you just toss and go. The Basket has taken over my toting life. Here it is with a vase of flowers left from our photo shoot, some samples I was playing with, and some magazines I wanted to flip through at home. Everything travels upright without spilling, I can put heavy things in it, it's just so cheerful! So the Basket is my Design Crush of the moment. I know it's not a big, earth-shattering design discovery, but it is a simple solution to a daily problem, it looks cute, and it makes me happy. And that's what good design is all about. I saw some polka-dot ones in a catalog, and I'm already planning my fall basket wardrobe.

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