A Crush on Blogger James Andrew

Photo from "What is James Wearing?" taken by Lars Stephan
Like so many others I, too have fallen under the spell of blogger James Andrew, of "What is James Wearing?" fame. Yes, his blog is a fun glimpse into a jetset lifestyle, and yes he has fabulous taste in clothes. But the real clincher came for me when I spotted photos of his apartment on another blog. It's a great interior, no doubt - but here's the thing: his living room has a pair of very mismatched lamps and end tables, and a fax machine stuffed on a shelf with papers and other detritus. I love this. The best homes are lived-in ones, and the most interesting people decorate according to their passions and their needs. Fax machine not hiding in some fakey-antique looking armoire gets points with me. The art is definitely whippet-centric, demonstrating his love for the companion hounds. (My dogs, Hazel and Rocky, approve of the art collection). Books are impeccably shelved and organised, so he's a bibliophile like me. And that fabulous shirt would look great on me. So, James, if you have room for one more friend in your uber-chic life, I would like to apply. And borrow that shirt for the weekend.

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